Compost Filter Socks

Sediment Control, Stormwater Management, and Erosion Protection

The Best Silt Fence Engineering Equivalent

Compost filter socks are mesh tubes filled with compost that filter out water runoff from construction sites, slopes, and other areas where erosion is a concern. This filtration is done by the compost or natural filtration material inside the tubing. This material filters out physical sediments and chemical pollutants from the site, and works to slow water runoff around the perimeter of the site.

Advantages of Compost Filter Socks: Why They Are Used

Compost filter socks are a natural solution to sediment filtration and have many advantages over other sediment control methods, such as:

Three Oaks Ground Cover

Compost Filter Sock Installation

We install Diamond Sock compost filter socks in a variety of diameters for a variety of sites. Contact us today for a quote.

Filter Sock Applications

At Three Oaks Ground Cover, we install Diamond Sock compost filter socks. Our solutions are durable, easily and rapidly installed, and applicable to many different uses.

Filter Socks for Construction and Excavation

Construction is one of the leading causes of erosion in Michigan: without the proper management, over 100 tons of sediment per acre per year can be generated on some construction sites.

Using compost filter socks around the perimeter of construction and excavation sites reduces the amount of sediment, pollutants, and chemicals from the site that would otherwise flow into lakes, damage surrounding vegetation and topsoil, and harm other plant and animal life. Aside from these environmental reasons, filter socks are smart from aesthetic and economic points of view too.

Filter Socks for Erosion Control

Compost filter socks can be used wherever sediment control and erosion are a concern. We have the ability to install compost filter socks on slopes, around the perimeter of your commercial property or construction site, on paved areas, frozen ground, and more.