Three Oaks Ground Cover’s Express Blower Trucks are a cost effective alternative for mulch installation.  Our fleet of two blower trucks are able to install various types of landscape mulch.  We can eliminate the extensive process of dumping, pitch forking, wheelbarrowing, and raking out of the mulch into one simple process of blower truck installation. Under normal working conditions we can install an average of 250-400 yards per day with a 2-3 man crew. To ensure our customers’ satisfaction we cleanup all leftover mulch residue from sidewalks, patios, windows, plant life, and mulch bed line areas leaving you with a professional looking landscape beds.  Three Oaks Ground Cover services all of Michigan, Northwest Indiana, Chicago and its surrounding areas.


Three Oaks Groundcover can install various types of landscape mulch up to 400 feet away from our trucks. Let us help you eliminate the labor intensive way of installing mulch by hand by hiring us to simply come in and blow the mulch for you. Under normal working conditions, we can install up to 250 yards of mulch a day between our two trucks. 


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Three Oaks Groundcover is a full service playground safety surface provider. Our services include top dressing and new installations with our playground mulch. We use a virgin playground mulch and a recycled playground mulch which meets ATSM F1292, ATSM F1951, and ADA requirements. Under normal working conditions we can install up to 400 yards of playground mulch a day.


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